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Prof. John P. Fulkerson MD

Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology

Started using quad tendon for ACLR in early 1990s after learning about it from Hans Uli Staubli- first for revision then for most ACLR with bone plug After studying the anatomy in cadaver knees at University of Connecticut, switched to using quad tendon without bone for ACLR in 1995. I had never heard of this but decided it would be a appropriate as others were using hamstring tendons without bone successful for ACLR. Only difference was that I put two rows of #5 whipstitches attached to an endobutton for femoral side fixation We then published several papers on the procedure which we found highly successful, with less morbidity than ACLR with hamstrings, QT with bone, or BTB. I have never looked back and believe that this is definitely a better option for ACLR than all other options I also use quad tendon for fixation of my medial PF reconstructions (MQTFL instead of MPFL) based on our anatomy studies in this region (published with Tanaka in July 2016 JBJS). A major component of the medial PF support goes to the quad tendon. I therefore also strongly support the MQTFL reonstruction of Christian Fink



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