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International Quadriceps Tendon Interest Group IQTI

The International Quadriceps Tendon Interest (IQTI) initiative was founded with the idea of gathering leading experts in the field of Orthopedic surgery and Sports medicine  who recognize the importance and applicability of Quadriceps Muscle tendon (QT) autograft for knee ligament reconstruction surgery.

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Outline of several different techniques for ligament reconstructions using the QT

We provided a detailed description of techniques for the use of QT in the ACL-,PCL- and MPFL- Reconstruction surgery. Each step of the described techniques is outlined with a corresponding pictures, followed by a video summary.

List of all the publications on the subject published in the last years

The publications from the available literature are divided in distinct categories  in regards to surgical techniques, clinical outcomes, biomechanics, rehabilitation, etc. and each study is linked with the pub.med platform and/or the journal of origin.

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Introduction to the initiative

This initiative was founded in 2017. with the goal of gathering experts in the fields of Orthopedic knee surgery and Sports medicine in order to share clinical practice expertise and research experiences, establish future research goals, clinical and rehabilitation protocols, which would ultimately lead to a better understanding and popularization of the Quadriceps tendon and its utilization as a safe, reproducible and versatile autograft choice for ACL and other ligament reconstruction surgeries.

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Minimally Invasive Harvest Of A Quadriceps Tendon Graft With or Without A Bone Block

Since QT autograft has mostly been reserved for revision surgeries in the past, due to a technically challenging open harvesting procedure with a high learning curve and less cosmetically attractive scaring, Fink et al. had a goal to develop a minimally invasive, less anatomically disruptive, and at the same time easily reproducible technique for QT harvest.

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Minimally Invasive Quadriceps Tendon Harvest And Graft Preparation For All-inside Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Xerogeanes and associates have developed a special minimally invasive technique for graft harvest for all-inside ACL reconstruction. It requires shorter grafts and since shortening the BTB graft proves to be difficult, QT graft appears to be an ideal choice for this technique.

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Minimally Invasive Quadriceps Tendon Single-bundle Arthroscopic, Anatomic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With Rectangular Bone Tunnels

Many surgeons use quadriceps tendon (QT) graft for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) revision surgery; however, despite excellent clinical results, the QT has not achieved universal acceptance for primary ACL reconstruction.

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About Us

The members of this experts group are leading experts from around the world who have been using the QT autograft in their surgical practice and have conducted and published research on the subject.

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Latest IQTI

Published by IQTI on 03.May, 2023

Read this interesting new study on comparison between QT and Hamstring autografts in ACL-R in terms of return to sports published by the German knee society in KSSTA journal

In this study the authors from the Committee for knee ligament injuries of the German knee society (Die Deutsche Kniegesellschaft- DKG)  aimed to determine potential quadriceps versus hamstring tendon autograft differences in terms of neuromuscular function and return to sport (RTS)-success following anterior cruciat...
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Published by IQTI on 27.April, 2023

Very interesting technique for harvesting a double-layered, partial-thickness Quadriceps Tendon graft for ACL-Revision surgery, developed and introduced by Prof. Karl-Heiz Frosch and his associates Prof. Ralph Akoto and Dr. Lena Eggeling

In this interesting study the research group from University clinic in Hamburg led by Prof. Karl-Heinz Frosch and Prof. Ralph Akoto introduced a new  quadriceps-tendon graft technique using a double-layered, partial-thickness, soft tissue quadriceps tendon graft (dlQUAD) for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction revision procedures (ACLR). In their study the authors ana...
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All who have been using the QT autograft, have conducted studies and published papers on the subject or have strong interest in doing so are welcome to apply for the membership in the IQTI. Each application will be processed and the answer will be given in the shortest time possible.


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