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Dr. Danko D. Milinkovic

Orthopedic surgery and Traumatology

Danko D. Milinkovic is currently working as a senior resident at the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery of the Charité – University Clinic in Berlin, Germany. He is mainly involved in the areas of reconstructive surgery, sports traumatology and regenerative medicine. Danko is currently enrolled in the PhD program at the Belgrade University in Serbia. He has published several publications with the focus on biomechanics of the knee joint, as well as several clinical studies on outcomes following various reconstruction techniques predominately in the field of patellofemoral surgery. In 2019, he and colleagues were awarded the 1st Medi-Researcher prize for the best study at the annual AGA (Gesellschaft für Arthroskopie und Gelenkchirurgie) Congress in Mannheim, Germany as well as ESSKA Researchers Award in 2020 for their publication on the biomechanical influences of anteromedial structures of the knee. In 2021 he was awarded with the Albert Trillat Young Investigator’s Award 2021 award at the biennial ISAKOS Congress- Global as well as 1st Prise for the best Abstract at the annual AGA Congress in Innsburck, Austria for his study on the biomechanical influences of the posterolateral impression fractures of the tibial plateau in ACL-deficient knees. He attended an international fellowship in 2017 at the Gelenkpunkt clinic under the supervision of Prof. Christian Fink for the duration of six months and the the AGA Patellofemoral Traveling Fellowship in 2023. He was also invited as a Guest to the IPSG (Internation Patellofemoral Study Group) meeting in 2022 in Helsinki, Finland.
Since 2019 he has been elected as the team doctor of the Serbian national team in tennis and has attended several Davis-Cup and ATP tournaments. Danko works as a reviewer for some of the prestigious international journals in fields of orthopedics and sports medicine.
Since 2017 Danko has been working as the secretary of the IQTI.






Gesellschaft für Arthroskopie und Gelenkchirurgie


European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy


Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia