Introduction to the initiative

The International Quadriceps Tendon Interest (IQTI) Initiative was founded with an idea of gathering the experts in the field of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery who recognize the importance and applicability of Quadriceps Muscle tendon (QT) autograft for Ligament reconstruction. The participants were those experts who both have been using this method in their clinical practice and have conducted and published research on the subject. The main goal of this experts group is to share clinical practice expertise and research experiences, establish future research goals, clinical and rehabilitation protocols, which would ultimately lead to better understanding and popularization of the Quadriceps Muscle tendon and its potential use as a safe, reproducible and versatile autograft choice for ACL and PCL reconstruction.


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The purpose of this Review is to summarize the presentations and discussion panels, held during the meeting, and to provide insight into the general conclusions and proposed research ideas established by the participants.

Additionally, the summary of this meeting findings and the interactive and educational character of this webpage aim to present to the broader orthopaedic population up to date findings on potentials and limits of this graft choice for the knee ligament reconstruction surgery.