The International Quadriceps Tendon Interest Group (IQTI) meeting represented a significant gathering of leading professionals in the field of Arthroscopic Knee Ligament Surgery with the focus on Quadriceps tendon as the graft choice for Knee ligament reconstruction.

The meeting was divided into multiple sessions with the main focus areas regarding anatomical and biomechanical aspects of Quadriceps muscle tendon, existing and potential surgical techniques for its application, clinical and scientific outcome reports and rehabilitation protocols.

The sessions were as following: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Current techniques and Clinical Outcome reports, The use of Quadriceps tendon for Posterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction and Rehabilitation. Each of the sessions was regulated by a designated Chairman and followed by general discussion and conclusions on possible future research ideas.

Christian Fink
Christian Hoser
Mirco Herbort
Volker Musahl
Martin Lind
Karl-Peter Benedetto
John "X" W. Xerogeanes
Peter Faunø
Lars Engebretsen
Hege Grindem
Marc Jacob Strauss
Jürgen Höher